After a more than 20 year lasting hiatus, the shoe with the American flag, Autry, has made a smashing return. Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1982, Autry sneakers were one of the most popular shoes of that era. The founder, Jim Autry, set out to make the best tennis shoe possible. As Jim stated himself back in the day, “Tennis shoes are built to help you deal decisively with fuzzy orbs flying towards your head at 100 miles an hour”. Seen that daunting situation, you’d better have on the best gear possible. Autry sneakers are constructed for on the court and styled for of the court. They’ll go perfectly with either a white pair of tennis shorts or your favourite pair of jeans.

Old Autry Sneakers advertisement through Autry's own website. 

As aforementioned, the brand had to take a 20-year hiatus after the unfortunate passing of Jim Autry. In 2019, the brand was luckily rejuvenated by a French pair of vintage sneaker lovers, Alberto Raengo and Régis Billard. They want to combine the North American heritage of Autry sneakers with European know-how. This way Autry actions shoes can set itself apart from the rest. Not much has changed since the 80s. The new reiteration of the Autry action shoes stays close to the original design. The only contrast from the old school all-white tennis etiquette from back in the day is that the shoes are also produced in various bold colours.

Autry sneakers on the court in Amsterdam.

The Autry medalist series stays true to the core of the old Autry sneakers. The sneakers are made from sturdy leather with multi-layer suede inserts, for extra durability. As for comfort and support, the Autry medalist sneakers feature a foam padded tongue and ankle collar. As to make sure your feet won’t get sore, the Autry sneakers are finished with a leather and cotton terry lining.

You can view the whole collection here.