GOLF WANG x Converse – Tenue de Nîmes

Grammy-winning artist, Tyler, the Creator, and Converse bring us a new addition to their longstanding list of collaborations. This time around Tyler and his GOLF WANG brand have redesigned the classic Chuck 70 Ox with a luxurious leather with snakeskin detailing. The foxing tape, toe cap and outsole are transparent and is the same colour hue as the upper. The design was inspired by Tyler’s love for exotic prints and luxury detailing. You can find the GOLF WANG x Converse release here on 03-03-2022. 

Tyler, the Creator as IGOR through

We have quite a few fans working at the store and office, so, in celebration of the release, we decided to compile a playlist of our favourite Tyler, the Creator tunes. The list is compiled of everything from his decade-spanning oeuvre. There is a stark contrast between his earliest and latest work, to say the least. In the days of Bastard and Goblin, Tyler made very brash, hard-hitting songs. The concerts of him and his OFWGKTA crew, which included artists like Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt, were notorious for their high intensity. The lyrics from these days were violent. So much so that it led him to be banned from the UK for posing a threat to public order’ (he is allowed back to the UK nowadays). This gathered a lot of attention worldwide since fans deemed it unjust.

Tyler, the Creator after the Louis Vuitton show through

It sounds unbelievable that the same person would go on to compose music for the animation of the Grinch movie and Virgil Abloh’s last Louis Vuitton show. Tyler has evolved as an artist since the early OFWGKTA days. He now embraces more jazz and groove into his music (he has always done this in some shape or form though) and the subject matter has changed. The most remarkable aspect of his latest work is that he creates a whole universe and character wherein the album plays. This is complemented by stage designs, fashion designs, videography - basically any creative outlet. We can keep rambling about our love for Tyler, but it is probably best for you to find out for yourself by listening to our playlist.