Radio Tenue de Nîmes - Season Finale with World's Leading Denim Circul

The final episode of this season of Radio Tenue de Nîmes is here! This time around we had the pleasure of sitting down with our dear friend Adriana Galijasevic. Adriana’s activities can not be summed up in a single occupation. She is a designer, action researcher, innovator, educator, board member of the House of Denim and the world’s leading expert on circularity in denim! So, who better than Adriana to put our thesis on jeans being the most sustainable garment in your wardrobe to the test? We believe that great jeans unjustly are used as an example of how detrimental the fashion industry is to our planet. What is more sustainable than an easily repairable garment that is responsibly made for longevity using the best components out there? We’ll let you be the judge of that. We also touch on her experience as a former fugitive, the difference between sustainability and circularity, the future of our wardrobe and more. A truly humbling and inspiring conversation, to say the least.

Radio Tenue de Nîmes was born out of the love for the conversations we have with our amazingly interesting friends, family and customers. We figured it was somewhat selfish to keep these fascinating and inspiring conversations to ourselves, so, we decided to share them through a podcast. Doing a 'radio show' was a totally new experience for us. It made us feel a little out of our depth and nervous at times (we're pleasantly surprised that you can't hear this in our voices). Luckily, we had a fantastic cameraman and head of production to help us out along the way. And let us not forget the amazing guests! Who we would like to thank for taking the time to sit and talk with us. We sincerely hope that you, and the listener and viewer, enjoyed these conversations as much as we did. This isn’t the last of RTDN, you better believe that!

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See you soon,


Team Tenue de Nîmes