Atelier & Repairs

Founded by Maurizio Donadi - an industry veteran and former captain of Levi's Vintage Clothing - Atelier & Repairs is a brand built around a philosophy of reducing the negative impact fashion has on the environment. By connecting creativity and sustainability, the American brand re-interprets items that are already existent. Vintage Levi's 501's are for instance adorned by bold stitched patterns. The brand's motto is as unique as it is ambitious: 'going out of business, leaving a planet with no waste.' Expect re-imaginations of old jackets, poncho's, parka's, jeans and so much more. All brought to life with the utmost attention to detail, dedication and empathy. Every piece Atelier & Repairs re-produces is one-of-a-kind. So please be aware, buy them before they are gone.

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