Private White V.C.

Private White V.C. is all about true British heritage and refers to Private Jack White, a WWI hero. White received the Victorian Cross – the highest award of Britain’s honours system – which also serves as the company logo. Lead by creative director Nick Ashley, son of the renowned fashion designer Laura Ashley, Private White V.C. produces outerwear made in the UK - the epicenter of outerwear history and production. Ashley takes great pride in ‘responsible manufacturing’. Ashley works together with Mike still aka ’Stolly’, a man who basically sleeps at the Manchester factory, a place he only leaves when his beloved Manchester United is playing a home match.  A Private White V.C. customer should rather buy one jacket that can play several roles, than several jackets only able to play one role. Private White V.C. is not only beautifully crafted, it is also equipped to withstand English climate, and trust us, if it can withstand English climate, it can withstand any climate. Where other British brands moved production to Asia, Private White V.S. fortified the relationships with textile mills in the UK, and kept focusing on developing stellar fabrics for outerwear one can wear all year long, whether commuting to work by bicycle, on a city trip or just randomly.     

Shearling Peacoat Shearling Peacoat

Private White
Shearling Peacoat

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