Dedicating their design ethos to what the Japanese like to call ‘wabi sabi’, Studebaker is an American brand that produces sturdy utilitarian goods that are perfect because of their imperfections. This design paradox is exactly why we love the brand, it is always refreshing to meet people and brands that take a different approach to production methods. From their workshop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, those ancient production methods are cherished end carefully executed. Most of the Studebaker jewelry is created the old blacksmith way, only using a hammer and anvil. Founded by Michael Studebaker, his eponymous label, aims to bring back artisanal values to the jewelry industry. All products Studebaker crafts are built to last, and more important, become more beautiful with wearing, showcasing insane ‘patina’.

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Tenue de Nîmes Thompson Cuff Brass Tenue de Nîmes Thompson Cuff Brass COLLABORATION

Tenue de Nîmes Thompson Cuff Brass

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