Not many brands make our L'Equipe the Nîmes so expectant as RRL. Every collection is inspired on vintage Americana, with Ralph Lauren still serving as the head honcho of the sub-label. What is so special about the brand: it repeatedly succeeds in delivering unique yet timeless pieces, that stand out in terms of quality and fabric. We hereby present the first drop of SS18, with context added by our menswear buyer Rudy Röss. Further, we accompanied this article by a long read on the brand.

RRL's Matlock Workshirt is an incredibly soft gabardine shirt. Gabardine is very densely woven fabric that was used for practical workwear in factories, invented by Thomas Burberry in 1897. The shirt is executed in a versatile blue colour. The shirts breathes heritage, with the double chest pocket and the absence of back pleats. 









Most definitely worth a mention, are the Slim Fit Ridgway Jeans. RRL always surprises us with an accurate and precise re-working of a vintage pair of jeans. "Insane," according to Rudy, where he got attracted by the 'clear indigo shade'. The pair sports a series of hand-made repairs and will be a great addition to your jeans collection.

It is a true addiction by many members of our 'Equipe de Nîmes: Collecting RRL's iconic Buffalo Western Shirt a wide range of variaties. This season, Rudy chose for the 'One Wash' version of the shirt. Due to the pre-wash, the shirt does not have the stiffness of a raw denim shirt, but keeps its deep indigo tone. Check out the quintessential 'longhorn' stitching on the chest pockets, RRL's signature.

The perfect pair to accompany your cowboy boots with and one of the best selling jeans at Tenue de Nîmes. The low waist and straight leg make this pair a true allrounder. Similar to the above-mentioned denim shirt, the back pockets of these RRL jeans boast the 'longhorn' stitching. RRL used a heavyweight 16oz. cloth with right-hand twill. Right-hand twill fabric is more dense and compact hence shows incredible fading patterns.