We are excited to announce that we will launch our latest Tenue de Nîmes collaboration today with Dutch eyewear brand Dick Moby. To celebrate the release of these limited edition shades we tought it would be nice to to a mini-interview with Dick Moby's Co-Founder Robbert Wefers Bettink. This former Dutch surfer and his partners in crime felt it was time to learn the world about plastic waist in the seas and to postitively contribute to this awareness. More importantly they Ribbert found a way to produce suglasses that would finally let people see the Sunny side of plastic! We hope you'll enjoy the interview! The collaboration is limied to 25 pieces and is available in stores now! Check it out here!

TdN: It looks like it all started with surfing. How did surfing turned out be the starting point of Dick Moby?

DM: The idea grew during several surf trips to Bali, Morocco, Central America and Europe. It is bizar how much plastic waste washes up on beaches every single day all over the world. As designers we started thinking and asked ourselves if we could have a positive impact by doing something. That something turned into Dick Moby and our manifest The Sunny Side of Plastic.

TdN: Your Manifesto claims ‘You like to shake things up’ - Can you explain this?

DM: The name Dick Moby literally says it I guess but what we mean is that we are not a normal eyewear company. We always take the long and hard road to make sustainable and high quality frames. We really want to break the stigma that sustainable products are low quality. We believe high quality and sustainability go hand in hand and the more people or industries see this the better we can shape the future.

TdN: Have you become a ‘fan’ of plastic since you started to learn about the positive side of it? Please explain.
There is a lot of bad plastic out there. Especially single use products like bottles, bags and most packaging are horrible examples but It is hard not to love the 'concept' of plastic. Everything we have today and consider normal wouldn't have been possible without it. Of course it all comes down to how we use it. We need to realise that plastic is also a resource and it is not going anywhere so we better make good use of it.

TdN: What do you think makes a pair of Dick Moby shades unique?

Our designs are inspired by classical styles that we modernise and we are not afraid to use colour. But above all its the sustainable materials we use and the positive story we tell. We are always searching for better materials and new ways to produce high quality frames, but we also made our cleaning cloth from recycled PET bottles and recently changed our carton packaging to hardcases made from recycled leather.

TdN: Your eyewear seems to fit a large group of people. What is the true secret behind the perfect pair of shades or glasses?

DM: The secret to every good product is design. But when you design a product that lives on peoples faces it has to be absolutely perfect. Half a millimeter can be the difference between great and sh*t. We take our designing very seriously. During our design process we make multiple prototypes from cardboard cutouts to 3D printing. We use the prototypes to fit on a lot of faces (our friends love us....) to make sure it looks great but fits and feels even better.

TdN: Why did you agree on making a Tenue de Nîmes special edition?

DM: Living in Amsterdam for the past decade Tenue de Nimes has been our go to shop. Good vibes, good people and great products. We loved the idea to team up with them and design this limited edition.

TdN: Can you explain about the shades you developed with Tenue de Nîmes? Please tell us about the design and the process.

DM: The idea was to design a pair of shades that would be perfect for the Dutch weather or better said a pair of sunglasses you can also wear for in the shade or rain with a lighter lens. The color is dark blue indigo and the lenses have a blue tone that fit the frame perfectly. The frame is our new YVR shape that became one of our top selling frames this year. The special edition is available in 2 lens types by ZEISS. A lighter lens or day shades ideal for the Dutch cloudy weather and a darker lens for bright sunny skies. Both lenses are fully UV protected.