In the beginning, these jeans look and feel like card board but let us explain you all you need to know to start appreciating these raw denims! The best way to kick-off your rigid denim journey is definitely by adding an A.P.C. Petit Standard to your wardrobe. The beauty of rigid jeans lies in the fact that it will become a true 3D print of your body. After some wear the jeans literally curve around your body and will make you feel they were custom made for you! Raw jeans are so attractive to us because they are so personal. Unwashed jeans will show exactly what you do in your life and how you treat the jeans after some months of wear. The wear-out (or damages if you will) are personal for every single owner of a pair of rigid jeans. In facto if we would all start wearing these jeans and meet up after 3 years, our jeans will look completely different. It’s the most personal piece of clothing one can have. On top of that raw denims are made to stay: they are strong and will stick around. No need to replace them any time soon hence very sustainable too. Also because unlike washed denim, raw jeans do not require water or chemicals to create a vintage appeal. You will make that vintage effect yourself! These particular A.P.C. jeans are amazing value for money as most jeans made out of Japanese fabric easily cost twice as much. These retail for 149,95 euro. The A.P.C. Petit Standard have a nice slim cut and a lovely understated, contemporary look and feel. The perfect base for any outfit! Shop Petit Standard below or browse A.P.C.'s SS18 collection for men and women here.