About Tenue de Nîmes


Tenue de Nîmes founder Menno van Meurs about his
passion for denim

Founded in 2008, Tenue de Nîmes is a denim walhalla.
The Amsterdam-based store follows the basic principles of quality, function and simplicity and offers its customers an exclusive and highly curated selection of brands from all over the world. With an emphasis on quality, its roster focuses on pieces with a timeless appeal. customers can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee prepared by our lovely staff or craft beer while browsing the goods.

Our additional Tenue de Nîmes shoe space is located in the heart of the Jordaan area in Amsterdam, just a few doors down from our iconic Elandsgracht location. Together with our footwear expert and longtime Red Wing partner Mitch de Vries, we took the opportunity to exclusively present you our Tenue de Nîmes world of shoes and sneakers. We will be bridging the world of sneakers with boots, sandals, mocassins and other properly crafted shoes.

‘Tenue de Nîmes’ is a play on words. A “tenue denim” is an outfit that is based on denim.

Love at First Sight

“My love for jeans started when I was just a kid”, Menno van Meurs, founder of Tenue de Nîmes, says. “My dad grew up with only the bare necessities, so as an adult –when he acquired his own things– he had a hard time throwing stuff away. This resulted in an awesome collection of 60s and 70s clothes, including Wrangler jeans, Levi’s Big E jackets and vintage biker boots.

When my brother and I were young, we used to go upstairs and dress up in my father’s gems. I still have his entire collection in my archive today, and his Levi’s jacket hangs in a frame in my office at the Tenue de Nîmes HQ. 

Jeans are the most personal piece of clothing anyone can own. When worn well, your jeans become a part of you; they’re like second skin.

Say two people start to wear the same style of jeans today, and meet again in a year. You’ll then see some spectacular differences between the two pairs of denim. Jeans reveal so much about the life we live!

When I spoke about my love for denim with the famous Dutch couturier Jan Taminiau, he said to me: Denim is the only thing in life that we actually forgive for aging. Isn’t that beautiful?”

Premium Quality, Premium Service

 “Back in 2007, I realised a lot of entrepreneurs were selling denim, but hardly anyone was specialising”, Menno continues. “Especially on the premium side of the spectrum, there was very little focus. This is when I saw the opportunity to open a good old-fashioned denim store: the type of shop my parents used to go to in the 1970s, the type of shop where anyone can find their perfect pair of jeans. The cherry on top was that opening my Tenue de Nîmes store allowed me to talk denim all day, every day!”

The Road to Succes in Denim is based on 3 Principles

All the products stocked at Tenue de Nîmes have 3 things in common.

1. They are made to last. Menno and his team fanatically avoid all disposable, fast-fashion clothing.

2. All brands sold at TDN-stores are considered investment pieces. Customers are encouraged to buy less, but pay a little extra for these quality items.

3. Menno believes that all the brands on stock at Tenue de Nîmes are, quote, ‘their own little chapter in the book of denim’. So A.P.C., Japan Blue, Snowpeak, Patagonia, Acne Studios and the store’s own brand Tenue. all contribute to the history of denim in their own, unique way.