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We value brands that disrupt the fashion industry. We strive to make a positive mark, and one way of doing this is only co-operating with brands we truly believe in.

Tenue de Nîmes

New Balance Made in USA — Worn by supermodels in London and dads in Ohio.

Quality control has a higher standard for the New Balance “Made In USA”-line. “Made In USA” is a way to signify well-made and historically proven craftsmanship, which is why Tenue de Nîmes made the decision to offer you these American-bord New Balance products. We assure you: this way you’ll only get the very best New Balance product.

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Introducing Japanese label Snowpeak — Originally founded in 1958, has a history of crafting mountaineering equipment.

As of now, Tenue de Nîmes carries Snowpeak’s coffee cookwear collection. Manual pour-over coffee has long been a staple of the craft coffee movement, but Snowpeak is here to show you just how simple and easy it is to do on your own. What You’ll Need? The steps..Enjoy your coffee!

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Le Bonnet X Tenue de Nîmes second release — This Fall/Winter we have created a new limited beanie colored Sapphire Blue.

Tenue de Nimes was actually one of the first shops that sold Le Bonnet. It was not easy to find a color that had a denim-look and matched the shop colors but we think we did quite well here.

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