Take Care: Tenue. Denim & Repair Studio – Tenue de Nîmes
Why do so many of you say that buying jeans is an adventure? Or even worse, that it’s a nightmare trying to find the right pair of jeans? At Tenue de Nîmes, we believe it takes only a little a bit of effort to customise your jeans in order to make it your personal master pattern.

Since denim companies do not fancy making too many length sizes any more, most of the time jeans will fit the waist perfectly, but they are too long. It is at that moment that, for some reason, people start to get sloppy. They will say something like: "Oh well, I might as well wear them with a turn-up". Why is it when people buy a pair of pants or a suit jacket, they get alterations made to the sleeves, the waist, the length and sometimes even the positioning of the buttons… but when they purchase a pair of jeans, they don't seem to care that much?

We at Tenue de Nîmes believe that a pair of jeans should always fit perfectly. This starts with determining the right size with the help of one of our colleagues in our stores. Secondly, we provide the jeans with a finishing touch to make them tailor-made for you. When we started Tenue de Nîmes in 2008 we decided altering a pair of jeans would be done for free. We feel a jeans must be ‘perfect' before you walk away in them. No matter whether you want the jeans shorter, tighter, closer in the waist, or anything else to make that 98% into 100% percent, we are at your service and it is for free. So when you next buy a pair of jeans at Tenue de Nîmes, you can rest assured that what you take home will be your exact size.

Happy with your jeans, but they start falling apart? We do repairs too! A crotch blowout or a hole in your knee is no reason to let go of your beloved jeans. Take care and repair. Bring your jeans to our Tenue. Denim & Repair Studio at Donker Curtiusstraat 5 and we will be happy to prepare your jeans for the next couple of months. Enjoy!