Tenue. Birkenstock Boston Customs – Tenue de Nîmes

The Birkenstock Black Stone and Concrete custom are an ode to custom culture.

A defining part of Tenue de Nîmes, and the world of denim in general, is custom culture. Taking apart a pair of jeans and repurposing its fabric or components to repair another pair, or simply decorate them, is an art in itself. In our archive, we have amazing jeans that have been altered multiple times to create a sort of denim Frankenstein, in the best way possible. Pairs like these make one wonder what the stories are behind the different patches of fabric, stitching or unique alterations. It creates a curious connection not only to the owner but also to the viewer. 

Over the past decade, we have applied the same philosophy to elevate other products, reduce waste and offer our customers something special. We have customized shoes by dipping them in indigo, decorating them with repurposed fabric and multiple other ways. One of the customizations we’ve had the most fun with was our run of Birkenstocks, decorating them with paint splatters and leftover selvedge denim and bandana fabrics. The response to these customs has been fantastic. Spreading the custom culture philosophy and receiving such warm energy from our beloved customers truly makes us smile from ear to ear. We just had to do another run, but with switching up the style a bit.

This time around we present two new Birkenstock customs, the Boston custom in Black Stone and Custom Concrete. Our past Birkenstock customs were head-turners, to say the least. This time around we decided to keep them cleaner, whilst still bringing something new to the table. In custom culture fashion, we took both pairs apart and switched the buckled straps with each other. To bring it home we reattached them with a custom branded rivet. This creates a very clean look that still stands out due to the contrasting colour of the strap. Despite the contrast, both clogs will easily fit into anyone’s wardrobe. We can’t wait to see how people will style these!

With specials like these, we hope to inspire people to not simply throw out or replace old products. We are firm believers that custom culture can offer solutions to the detrimental effects the fashion industry has on our planet and society. It doesn’t just reduce production and waste, but it also creates an awareness of how endlessly customizable even old garments can be. You don’t need to buy more. We can assure you that everybody has a few potential killer customs in their closet! All you need is a little creativity. 

You can find the Tenue. Custom Birkenstock Bostons here.