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Tenue. Knitwear, Made in Scotland

Tue, Oct 17, 23

With the launch of the new knitwear collection from Tenue., we decided to delve deeper into their knitwear supplier from Scotland, who is responsible for the beautiful work on these knitted sweaters and cardigans. They shared with us more about the rich history behind the company, the connection between knitwear and Scotland, and their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Read the full story below.

The knitting process inside the Scottish factory.

The family company was founded in Scotland, about a century years ago and has a rich history rooted in the tradition of fair isle knitting. Originally specialising in hosiery, the company later transitioned into knitwear, becoming renowned for its unwavering dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and heritage. Today, they proudly continue this legacy, now working with the third generation of the same family.

The heart of their inspiration lies in the rugged beauty and unique climate of Scotland. From the craggy and dramatic granite coasts of the north-eastern regions to the northern isles, Scotland's natural landscapes provide a unique charm. The at sometimes harsh and unforgiving climate, contrasting with the beautiful colours of the Scottish terrain, lends a distinct beauty and legacy to the texture and colour of the sweaters they produce.

Fair isle knitting, a prime example of heritage craftsmanship, is at the core of their business. It's a truly artisanal process that has become their speciality. They have perfected their expertise in seam-free whole garment knitting, ensuring minimal waste and demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. The result is a truly unique product, one that is both eco-friendly and embodies the beauty of Scotland.

The knitting process inside the Scotland factory.

The materials are as exceptional as their techniques. They use natural fibers, with many sourced from Scotland, and some exquisite cashmere blends from Italy. For instance, their super soft wool features a rich texture that is challenging to replicate in other fibers. While synthetic fibers have their place in technical garments and to provide tensile strength to fancy twist yarns, they prioritse natural blends such as merino wool and cashmere, emphasising their beauty and sustainability.

Behind every stitch, their dedicated staff plays a pivotal role. Many have dedicated decades to their company, and their skill, drive, and unwavering dedication are the driving force behind their ability to produce high-quality products. Their staff represents the core of their business and their most valuable investment, ensuring the continued success of the company.

Shop the Tenue. Knitwear collection now online and in-store at Elandsgracht 60.

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