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The New Balance 580: A Timeless Icon Bridging Continents and Cultures

Fri, Feb 02, 24

New Balance is by no doubt one of the dominating brands in the sneaker industry for the last couple of years. However, it's certainly possible that you don't know the story about their 580 model, which is not as hyped as the likes of the 900 and its many versions, but is a humble legend. A model that initially carved its niche in the streets of Tokyo in 1996 has grown to become a global icon, symbolising the fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and cross-cultural influences. To show your our excitement, we've decided to talk a little more about the release of the 580 at Tenue de Nîmes.

 Today, the New Balance 580 stands as a symbol of fashion and streetwear history.

Initially launched in 1996 as a Japanese exclusive, the sneaker was a bold departure from the norm. Its chunky design and unique aesthetics were only recently embraced, but it slowly garnered a following in Tokyo's vibrant streetwear scene. Due to New Balance's commitment to quality and its 'Made in USA' tag, the high price point was initially a barrier. However, the brand's strategic shift to production in Asia while maintaining its quality standards allowed for a nuanced pricing strategy in Japan, making the 580s slightly more accessible.

old spec new balance 580 by new balance

The New Balance 1996 trail running line introduced the MT580 for Japan.     

 New Balance 580 helped by the birth of sneaker collaborations on its own as well. New Balance Japan developed a partnership with Mita Sneakers and when a collaboration was proposed, the Tokyo based label chose, much by New Balance's surprise, the 580 as the main silhouette. This would be the start of a legacy for the the model and the collaboration culture as we know it today. 

It's a story that resonates with the values of Tenue de Nîmes, where tradition meets contemporary style, and quality is paramount. As the 580 continues to inspire new designs and collaborations, it reminds us that true style is timeless and transcending boundaries.

old spec sheet by new balance

 A 1996 New Balance catalog features the American-made 585- an inspiration for 580. Image by New Balance. 

 Be a part of this continuing story, lace up a pair of New Balance 580s, and experience the vibe of the streets from Tokyo to Amsterdam and beyond.

The New Balance 580 is now available in both a Linen and Phantom colourway, shop online and in-store.

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The New Balance 580: A Timeless Icon Bridging Continents and Cultures

Fri, Feb 02, 24

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