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and wander (COMING SOON)

Japanese label and wander launched in 2011 by Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, who worked together as designers at Issey Miyake. Inspired by nature, their high-fashion, yet functional outdoor clothing is crafted with lightweight, durable materials, offering comfort and style for both mountain hikes and urban adventures.

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About And Wander

In the world of and wander, streetwear seamlessly merges with outdoor products. Embracing the evolution of Americana style and mountaineering culture, their designs prioritise nature without unnecessary technological frills. It's not about conquering mountains; it's about embracing nature's tranquility.

Their unisex items are categorised by performance, marked with one, two, or three mountains depending on usage—from leisurely walks to rugged terrain.

Rooted in a vibrant Japanese outdoor subculture, and wander's focus isn't just on performance but on the simple joy of exploring nature. They create amidst bustling city streets, yet their minds wander to the serene landscapes beyond.