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Nonnative (COMING SOON)

Founded by Satoshi Saffen in Tokyo in 1999, Nonnative evolved from a single T-shirt design to a fully-fledged menswear line. Combining the durability of work and outdoor wear with contemporary style, their Japanese-made collections prioritise quality, construction, and comfortable fits, transcending Tokyo's urban landscape with seasonal themes.

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Why we love Nonnative

In the realm of streetwear, Nonnative stands out not just for its fashion-forward aesthetic, but for its unwavering commitment to quality and functionality. Founder Saffen and Head Designer Fujii prioritise longevity over trends, emphasising durability in their designs. Fujii stresses the importance of real clothes, focusing on comfort and necessity for daily life.

Rather than chasing endless expansion, Saffen and Fujii aim to cultivate a loyal community while staying true to their creative vision. We value this proposition very much and are proud to add Nonnative to our TDN family. The brand's focus remains on crafting well-designed, versatile products, evident not only in their clothing but also in their promotional content and collaborations with designers like Takahiro Miyashita and brands like Kith, New Balance, and Seiko.