We released our 11th Journal de Nîmes today: The ‘Amsterdam, City of Blue’ issue. Among the many highlights of this issue are a portrait of the astonishing Real McCoy's brand, an interview with Jason Denham, Jean Maker and founder of Amsterdam’s Denham brand as well as an introduction to the Rampuya and Momotaro denim mills in Kojima, Japan. Another must-read is an extensive piece in which photographer Thomas Tukker provides a glimpse into the life of Peter Hebbing, founder at N=5 advertisement agency and his wife, stylist Petra Hebbing. And when your head starts spinning, just shake it off and turn another page, for the article on the 125 Year Anniversary of Lee Jeans and the story of its founder Henry David Lee. The man behind this legendary brand was a self made man who saved enough money at the age of 18 to start his first company, selling knitting machines. This Journal de Nîmes also introduces you to two new projects: the Tenue de Nîmes collaboration with Dutch furniture master Pastoe and the release of the Treasure Island collection by Levi’s Vintage Clothing. Lastly but certainly no less memorably, this issue features a shoot by Dutch photographer Dirk Kikstra, former assistant to Richard Avedon. For this special occasion we delved into the Tenue de Nîmes vintage archives to present you with some of our finest pieces. Make sure to feast your eyes on that, too.