A.P.C. X Brain Dead – Tenue de Nîmes

How Post-Punk Skateboard subculture meets Parisian Chic; A.P.C. x Brain Dead by Rudy Ross.

Where we know our beloved A.P.C. as a classic Parisian style brand, we have seen them taking steps outside of their comfort zone before. In the past A.P.C. has teamed up with Kid Cudi, Kanye West and most recently with Suzanne Koller for a more classically chic collaboration. Now A.P.C. sets it’s sight on a joint effort with L.A.-based street wear weirdo’s Brain Dead for ‘Interaction #3’.

‘Interaction’ is a re-occurring concept conceived in early 2019 by Jean Touitou to reinvent A.P.C.’s identity. The idea is to invite young and upcoming talents to display their vision of fashion, season after season, in a series of limited-edition releases. 

“I love the name, very ironic and contemporary and I love the enthusiasm of these young designers. The pieces melted within the A.P.C. collection.” (Jean Touitou, founder A.P.C.)

This time the brand has joined forces with Brain Dead, a collective of artists and stylists who takes it’s cues from post punk, underground comics, skateboarding and the spirit of the subculture, for the kick-off of the A.P.C. 2019 winter collection. 

The way Brain Dead designed 'Interaction #3', the capsule could easily have been advertising merchandise for the fictitious film 'Future Shock', but since it still maintains its classic A.P.C. edge it stands alone as a whole. 'Interaction #3' consists of a variation of eclectic pieces, including a fully lined denim jacket printed with lines from the “Future Shock” film script, bright coloured sneakers for both men & women and t-shirts adorned with a reinterpreted Brain Dead logo.  The 'Interaction #3' pieces designed with Brain Dead will be available at Tenue de Nîmes Haarlemmerstraat and online at www.tenuedenimes.com from September 10th. Limited quantities available and we urge you not to hesitate since these items are one-off releases. 

Brain Dead is a creative collective of artists and designers from around the world. 
Brain Dead is not one person, nor is it one idea. It sits in the space between people.