Los Angeles meets Amsterdam: AgoldE x TdN – Tenue de Nîmes

After a dozen fruitful collaborations which led to soulful products that were mainly worn by men, Tenue de Nîmes was looking for something fresh. And for something to be worn by women in particular. When the rains still hit Amsterdam and California was as sunkissed as ever, we conjured up a collaboration that takes you back to the 80s and 90s. Jeans should be like a second skin, something you don’t have to think about. And we’re hoping you’ll experience just that with this 50 piece limited edition. 

“Let’s evoke people to buy less and instead truly invest in that one killer pair that stays around until it falls apart.”


Common ground: vintage appeal
In line with our collaboration with Levi’s we deepened our fascination for vintage jeans for this collaboration. The exclusive style Riley Hi Rise AgoldE x Tenue de Nîmes is limited to 50 pieces and is inspired by a true vintage jean from the TDN archive. It was designed collaboratively by Tenue de Nîmes and the design team at AGOLDE, the vintage aesthetic being the common ground and starting point.  “For the exclusive collaboration style, we combined our love for vintage 80s and 90s inspired fabric with a hand-worked wash that looks ten years worn. The fabric has stretch in the warp, which gives it comfort while still staying true to an authentic 80’s look.” Erin Meehan, Creative director AgoldE.

“The collaboration looks and feels like it has been around since the 1980s and it emphasises the magic of used jeans.”


Emitting attitude
AGOLDE is known for their skill to capture youth and attitude, though they are equally nerdy about denim as Tenue de Nîmes. Since they are as serious about quality as we are, we can proudly say that we pushed each other to the level of freshness we were eager to get to. Working together, learning as a team, finding solutions that at first seemed hidden in the dessert shade that you only find in California, was a true honor.

Live the vibe of this limited edition here.