We are proud to release our latest collaboration, this time with dear friend Jasper Lijfering from Amsterdam Vintage Watches. Jasper is in charge of running his family business – established in 1987 – and explained to us a couple of months ago he was looking for the ultimate denim fabric watch strap. He gave birth to this idea by sending bits and pieces of his oldest Tenue de Nîmes jeans to the legendary Kaufmann company in Germany. Kaufmann is a third generation, German based company, specialized in creating accessories with pure artisanal workmanship, down to the very last detail. A perfect watch strap takes effort and craftsmanship to achieve the utmost in quality. After receiving the first samples he felt that the missing link within the concept was the perfect untouched denim fabric. This is where and when Tenue de Nîmes got involved. Together with fabric master Marco Bonzanni (read more) at Kurabo we selected two beautiful raw denim fabrics to utilize in our straps: A sky blue indigo denim fabric and a double black denim fabric, sourced from the legendary Kurabo Mill in Japan. Please note that it takes nothing less than 85 work steps to complete a handmade watch strap. Hence, the factory craftsmen glue, stitch, grind and sew every single strap in house. The result is two beautiful and unique Tenue de Nîmes x AVW watch straps that will complement any vintage or new time-piece out there! The straps are available in-store and online: indigo here, and black via this link.