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Baracuta G9 - A Brief History of the British Style Icon

Tue, Mar 21, 23

Since its debut in 1937, Baracuta's G9 Harrington Jackets have had a global impact on absolutely everyone. We at Tenue de Nîmes are very pleased and proud to welcome such an influential brand to our assortment. Below you can find a brief history of the brand and how it influenced traditional and modern menswear.

Steve McQueen wearing a Baracuta G9 Harrington whilst driving his Jaguar XKSS, 1963. Photo by John Dominis.

First we have to go back 85 years ago, when John & Isaac Miller, the founders of the brand Baracuta- were first known for making rainwear jackets for other clothing brands such as Burberry, Marks Spencers etc. In 1937 in rainy Manchester, they had the bright idea to start producing their own garments- the rather exotic name 'Baracuta' was chosen with international potential in mind.

The Miller brothers were both fanatic golf players at the time, and were regulars at the Manchester Golfclub. At this very place, their idea for the G9 Harrington Jacket was born- as they observed the need of a stylish yet functional jacket for the game of golf.

golfers in g9 harrington jacket by baracuta

Golfing team in the '70s wearing Baracuta G9 Harrington jackets. Image by Baracuta. 

The brothers thought long and hard about the features this jacket was to have. It included a ribbed hem and cuffs, a two-button dog ear collar, a nifty inside pocket and strategically slanted pockets with a single button closure designed to hold two golf balls. The signature look is the umbrella back yoke with a built-in vent making it a more breathable garment. This umbrella-shaped characteristic conducts rain away from the wearer and has since become one of Baracuta’s most recognisable features. 

To pay tribute to how the iconic jacket came about, they knew they had to name the jacket around Golf – and so they did. The 'G' stands for Golf and the '9' stands for the 9 holes in the golf course. Even though the Miller brothers had just invented a revolutionary jacket, they still felt that something was missing. They got in touch with Lord Lovat, an influential royal in Scotland, and asked him if they could use his family tartan in their jackets- he loved the idea, and that is how the iconic Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket came about.

baracuta g9 jacket inner by the rake

A Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket's inner pocket begin sewn in. Image by The Rake.  

Even though the purpose of the Baracuta's G9 jacket was first and foremost to be a golfing jacket, the jacket surpassed its original purpose as it got picked up by lots of celebrities and several subcultural groups in the 60s and 70s, making the jacket their own. As Baracuta went global, more and more movie stars and celebrities alike were seen wearing the infamous Baracuta G9 jacket.

In 1964, Ryan O'Neal was seen wearing the jacket in the sitcom Peyton Place, playing Rodney Harrington. After several shop owners advertised the jacket as the "Harrington Jacket" after, the name was inseparably linked to Baracuta's G9 jacket.

elvis presley baracuta jacket by michael curtiz

Elvis Presley sporting a Baracuta G9 Harrington jacket in the film King Creole by Michael Curtiz.

The Baracuta G9 Harrington jackets were the go-to garment for all-time legends like Elvis Presley, James Dean, Steve McQueen and many more. Several subcultural groups in the U.K. adopted the jacket after seeing their idols wearing the G9 Harrington, under which the Skinheads- a rough and tough look with a prominent bald head and always accompanied by a pair of Dr. Martens boots. Also, the U.K. Mod-Scene was a big fan of the Baracuta G9, the modernists had a very "dressy" sense of fashion, and were often sporting tailor made suits whilst riding their infamous Vespa scooters through the suburbs of London.

baracuta g9 skinheads london by the rake

A duo of skinheads in 19070's London, sporting Baracuta G9, raw selvedge denim and Dr. Martens boots. Image by The Rake.

These are prime examples of why the Baracuta G9 Harrington jacket is regarded to as an all-time legend- the jackets were and are way more than just a clothing garment- it was a way for these subcultures to express themselves and to feel a sense of connection & identity. Baracuta is a brand that has stood the test of time, throughout many historical events, movements, trends, generations and subcultures. Its timeless silhouette, superior quality and classic style have always allowed and will continue to allow the brand to progress along this path of everlasting success - while also helping people feel good and confident in their own skin.

"This summarises why we're very happy to represent Baracuta in our brand selection at Tenue de Nîmes. Find Baracuta online and in-store now."

baracuta g9 tobacco brown suedebaracuta g9 jacket dark navybaracuta g9 jacket grey

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