Hansen Storm kicks off our 10 Years Anniv – Tenue de Nîmes

If not residing in an area like, let’s say Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles or Hong Kong, harsh autumn and winter is a guarantee. You basically have three options to cope with this. One, you move to an area just like the ones mentioned above. Two, complain, hope for better times, to subsequently be disappointed every season again. Or the latter: invest in a proper coat, fight the cold, and turn these chillier months into something positive.

Although we are not going to advise you, we definitely have the solution. Long time friends Hansen from Denmark, are commencing our 10-year anniversary with a special iteration of the staple coat ‘Storm’. It is the type of coat that never goes out of style, simply because its timeless design is not based on trends, it is the result of Hansen’s design team creating the ultimate piece of outerwear. 

The Hansen x Tenue de Nîmes Storm is produced in a limited run of 50 pieces and can be purchased via this link.

It has a specially treated 100% cotton water repellant outer shell. To keep you warm, the Storm is lined with soft Portuguese wool in Tenue de Nîmes blue. The aesthetic is subdued, yet the detailing is anything but minimal: waist adjusters, real horn buttons, special Tenue de Nîmes stamp in the neck and an array of pockets to carry all your belongings with you.

We sat down with Aase Helena Hansen, designer and owner of the brand, and asked her a couple of questions about the brand Hansen, and more specific, the Storm.

First of all could you share some background info in the company?
On a motorbike trip from Copenhagen to southern Spain (and back) 9 years ago, Per and I decided that if we could do this trip together we could also work together;-) Per coming from film and TV production and me from design (woman's wear and denim) I convinced him that production here or there would be the same (I new I was lying a little bit) We wanted to do a denim brand, which would be natural with my background. After some soul searching we wanted to do a Scandinavian cultured brand and decided to cut the denim as we felt that denim had little to do with our Nordic roots. We established HANSEN Garments in 2010.

Why did you decide to team up with us, Tenue de Nîmes?
From the very beginning our mission was to place our products in the very best retailer world wide. Tenue de Nîmes was on our wish list and we worked really hard to convince them that they should team up with us. Our products need people that really understand and love the niche segment we are working in, and Tenue de Nîmes is definitely that.

Tell us about your Storm design: What is the jacket inspired by? How long ago did you release it for the first time? What do you like most about it?
Storm is a mash-up of a memory of a Swedish military parka I used to wear when I was a teenager and an exaggerated version of something like a vintage 2WW M38 jeep jacket - a lot of our inspiration comes from work and military wear. We did it the first time for the AW12 collection. Nobody quite liked it then - but I am stubborn so we kept doing it. Always with some improvements.

About the Tenue de Nîmes Storm jacket: What is the new fabric? Why no wax? Please tell us about the amazing exclusive colour?
The special Tenue de Nîmes Storm jacket is made from a sturdy water repellant (replacing the waxed fabric) cotton canvas from the UK with a 100% wool lining from Portugal. The colour is some where between dark navy and green (perolium) and looks very ink-like. So what could be better for the tattoo vibes we get from Tenue de Nîmes?