Hiroki Nakamura’s label VISVIM is in operation since 2001 and has since then been a pioneer in conceptual menswear design. With a cult following around the globe, the brand holds a unique position with cutting edge design ethos. Streetwear, heritage, Native Americana, they all influence the design team of the Japanese imprint. Every VISVIM piece has something special, a true niche product, focusing on men that love this almost paradoxical combination of ancient techniques and innovation. The list of notable clients is endless: Kanye West, John Mayer, David Duchovny, A$AP Rocky and many more have a soft spot for the Tokyo based VISVIM. Probably the most famous VISVIM silhouette, the ‘FBT’, is a shoe inspired on the native American mocassin. The shoe is entirely hand-made with signature details such as the heavily stitched toe-box, detachable fringe and Vibram sole.
Although the FBT is a mainstay and around for a while, not many people know where the name comes from. Nakamura took the CD cover of a British new-wave band from the 80s - Fun Boy Three - as inspiration for his sneaker. The band’s lead singer, Terry Hall, wore a shoe that the designer was so amazed of, he decided to create his own version. The rest is history. From VISVIM’s most recent collection, we have selected two mesmerizing FBT’s (black and sand) that truly reflect the beauty of the shoe. A pair that will definitely turn heads, wears very comfortable and will show amazing patina with wear.