Introducing RE/DONE – Tenue de Nîmes

We would like to introduce you to a new denim brand at Tenue de Nîmes that we are very excited about - RE/DONE. The brand from Los Angeles fits in perfectly with the Tenue de Nîmes style and philosophy - “RE/DONE is a movement to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, a movement to keep American heritage brands relevant, and a movement to create sustainable and mindful fashion”. Need we say more? So, to get you as excited about the brand as we are, we decided to write a blog about how the brand came up and elaborate some more on its ideals.

RE/DONE's founders Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur

RE/DONE was launched in Los Angeles in 2014 by two fashion industry veterans - Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur. The idea for the brand had sustainability and the appreciation of heritage at its core. Both Sean and Jamie grew up in Los Angeles and during their youth indulged in American pop culture. As vintage aficionados, they saw how much perfectly good clothing would be discarded and go to waste. They figured that they could take an old, vintage garment that was worn out and up-cycle it by reconstructing it into something new. This would give someone a unique piece, prolong the garments’ lifetime and save the costs of producing a whole new item. It will come as no surprise that the brands that they started to ‘re-do’ were heritage brands like Hanes and Levi’s.

Reconstructed Levi's jeans by RE/DONE

What put the brand on the map was its reconstruction of old Levi’s jeans into more contemporary fits. Since its inception, the brand has up-cycled over 90,000 pairs of old Levi’s jeans. It wouldn’t take long for Los Angeles natives to gravitate towards this notion of sustainability through up-cycling. Of course, they also loved these one of a kind jeans they could strut down Sunset Boulevard in. Soon after their rise to popularity RE/DONE would start producing their own fabrics, instead of up-cycling old garments. Yet, the notion of starting a movement within fashion that strives for mindfulness and sustainability was still present. All the used fabrics are made from recycled or organic cotton, all products are made locally, the brand uses 71% less water than traditional washed, all packaging is 100% recyclable, and the list goes on and on.

At Tenue de Nîmes we’ve curated a selection of RE/DONE’s jeans that are made from their new, sustainable fabrics. As denim heads, our heart beats a little faster when we see these old-school fits reimagined into something new and exciting. You and your mom would both love these jeans, and we mean that in the best way possible! You can check out our selection by pressing right here.