Not many brands put so much research & development in their collections as Japanese VISVIM. The label is under supervision of acclaimed designer and collector of vintage pieces Hiroki Nakamura. The man has a cult following and can count musicians Eric Clapton and John Mayer to his personal friends, of which the latter supposedly has a collection of VISVIM pieces exceeding $100.000,- 

VISVIM can hardly be categorized and refuses to follow trends nor compromize on quality. Each piece the label produces is based on extensive research, which ultimately leads to a themed collection supported by their imfamous 'dissertation'.  The design ethos of VISVIM is a unique, almost paradoxical combination of vintage re-workings, innovative technologies and ancient production processes. One of the most coveted VISVIM items - the FBT sneaker - is for instance based on the native American mocassin boot. Quintessential VISVIM, not least because Nakamura decided not to include the FBT in the collection for a while due to 'becoming too commercial'. 

The beating heart of VISVIM lies in the Shibuya district in Tokyo. The brand has three stores in the Japanese capital, all with an idiosyncratic approach, within a stones throw from each other. It is no surprise, this area was the decor of the special exhibit in reverence of Hiroki Nakamura's personal archive. In collaboration with iconic Japanese Popeye magazine, VISVIM showcased a curated selection of the rarest artefacts Nakamura-san has collected during his travels around the world. Alongside VISVIM's SS18 collection that landed at our Amsterdam stores and online, we also stock the commemorative book 'My Archive' which will be an addition to any coffee table.