Tenue de Nîmes is proud to present Human Made: The latest venture designed by Nigo, the reclusive genius behind A Bathing Ape, or BAPE, the Japanese streetwear brand. Human Made’s more classic color palette may make it the mature older brother to BAPE, whose trademark is a bright and jazzy aesthetic, but both of Nigo’s creations are great examples of apparel brands hailing from Japan that take Americana as their starting point.
Take Human Made’s college sweaters, for example. They look so American, but they’re not. American college sweaters are actually quite sloppy in their construction and stitching: the fabric is good, but they’re mass produced.
The interesting thing about the Human Made college sweaters is that they use an equally beautiful and authentic fabric, but when you look at the construction it’s very Japanese: neat, tidy, precise stitching and cut. In essence, Human Made is one of those brands that confirms people’s suspicions that Japan actually makes things better than American brands ever did. - Text by Sophie Knight for Journal de Nîmes Nº13.