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Playlist Love Is the Way 2022

Fri, Dec 23, 22

The tradition continues: Rudy’s annual End-of-Year Playlist is here! To keep you in the good vibes throughout the holidays and into the new year, our very own music expert has compiled a playlist of his ten favourite tracks of the year. Enjoy, read about the inspiring music on the playlist and don’t hesitate to swing by the store if you want to listen together and talk music whilst enjoying some drinks!

Happy holidays,

Team Tenue de Nîmes

Listen to the playlist by clicking here and read about his top songs below.


GA20 - Fairweather Friend

The band GA-20 was founded in Boston in 2018 by friends Pat Faherty and Matthew Stubbs. Tim Carman joined behind the drums to back up this trio. The band name "GA-20" subtly shows from which time period this threesome gets its inspiration; GA-20 refers to the famous amplifier produced by Gibson Company between ’50 and ’61.

Stubbs & Faherty share a huge love for traditional blues, R&B and rock 'n' roll from the late 50's and early 60's. Inspired by legendary artists as Lazy Lester, Freddie King, Hound Dog Taylor, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and Junior Wells, they bring a gritty yet soulful bare-to-the-bone blues with just 2 guitars and no bass. Easily comparable to the Black Keys but that would be unfair, give GA-20 a listen to their well-crafted songs in an Electric Blues sauce. (Tip: Break open that bottle of Bourbon.)

GA-20 image

Image: GA-20

Dawn Brothers & DeWolff - What kind of Woman

This record was shoved under my nose by Robbert (Shop captain at Tenue. Flagship store) and with the comment: “Listen music snob, get off your high horse for once!”

The deal is I’m rarely a fan of ‘supergroups’, let alone Dutch ones… But! Pablo van de Poel (DeWolff) and Bas van Holt (Dawn Brothers) found each other in their love for old soul and R&B. Names like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Ray Charles and The JB's come up when going down this trip on memory lane. The destination is clearly the America of the sixties. After a few sessions they come to the conclusion there's more than enough material for an album. The result is “Double Cream”, a record that is bursting with fun and joy. All recorded analogue and conveying a flawless feeling for the straight forward but excellent melodies, vocal lines and song themes of a time gone by. I have to admit being blown away by this master of a time-machine.

Tim Hill - Calico

Although hired gun keyboardist Tim Hill is most known for being a touring member of Allah-Las, his upcoming 7” on the newly founded Calico Discos label finds him quite comfortable behind the acoustic guitar and 4-track recorder. Imagine Neil Young living somewhere in Mexico and riding horseback all day. Whilst songs are stripped down and very minimalistic your mind expands and paints a well-illustrated picture. Every little crack and whistle in the background brings the listener closer into Tim Hill’s world. Listen to Calico now and wait for the full length ‘GIANT’ to come out in February 2023.


Image: Tim Hill - Calico cover

The Arcs - Heaven Is a Place

Having lost childhood friend and musical collaborator Richard Swift in 2018, Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach is back with The Arcs’ second album paying tribute to the beloved former band member Swift. “Heaven is a Place” is a wonderful piece of heartfelt song writing. “This new record is all about honouring Swift,” Auerbach said in a statement. “It’s a way for us to say goodbye to him, by revisiting him playing and laughing, singing. It was heavy at times, but I think it was really helpful to do it.”

It’s clearly a Dan Auerbach production with all its remarkable hallmarks known from his Easy Eye Records. Still, The Arcs have their own characteristics of dreamy pop with a sharp blues angle. Richard Swift is still to be heard on the record at times since some tracks were recorded before his death. Listen to ‘Heaven Is a Place’ and see the full record Electrophonic Chronic come out in January 2023. Bless the love!

Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band - Stoner Hill

I was once lost on a deep spiral into the YouTube abyss and came to find a flip phone recording of a Brian Blade soundcheck, a sublime jazz drummer who speaks from the heart on the drums. Born a Louisiana native, Brian Blade established himself as a versatile and an accomplished drummer early in his career. A jazz drummer who crosses many musical boundaries, appearing on albums by the likes of Wayne Shorter, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. Blade released his first album, Brian Blade Fellowship, at the age of 27 in 1998. Brian never stopped being a desired side-man for many singer-songwriters and keeps flowing out his recognisable chops. The song ‘Stoner Hill’ gives me the chills every time I listen to it.


Brian Blade - Stoner Hill

Image: Brian Blade

Vieux Farka Touré & Khruanghbin - Tongo Barra

An unstoppable desire to step out of his father’s overseeing shadow has proven the rise of Vieux Farka Touré. This love bond between the son of Mali guitar legend Ali Farka Touré and the hypnotic Houston trio has no boundaries and sets off in its own cosmic perpetual mood.

Father Ali Farka Touré had a complex relationship with success outside Africa. He would occasionally collaborate with western musicians, but his most famous collaborator Ry Cooder told him, that America was “a place of bad energy” and a “spiritual car park”. Even after selling thousands of albums and winning several Grammy awards, Ali was always eager to simply disappear back to Mali.
On this collaborative album simply and beautifully called ‘Ali’ which reinterprets some of his father’s best-known songs with Houston trio Khruangbin, a musical union was born which leaves us all in subconscious head thrusts.


Vieux Farka Touré & Khruanghbin - Tongo Barra

Image: Vieux Farka Touré & Khruanghbin 

Lee Morgan - Sidewinder

A bit of History.

Legend tells us that 1964's The Sidewinder was the album, and indeed the song, which saved Blue Note Records at a time when the label was struggling financially. Dashed off to fill some tape, at the end of the recording session.
"The Sidewinder" album’s title-track is the star of the show and at once worthy of our attention. The opening bass line is so simple yet thrusting, and the melody so catchy. But Morgan, of course, was no lightweight or straightforward songsmith. Within the tune, his soloing is greased to perfection, initially slurring notes together before breaking out into an improvisation showcasing all of his stylistic characteristics. This track goes down as a perfect jazz statement: simple, catchy, technical, perfect.


Lee Morgan by Francis Wolff

Image: Lee Morgan by Francis Wolff

Leon Bridges - Summer Moon (feat Kevin Kaarl)

Barely coming down from an earlier collaboration ‘Texas Moon’ with fellow Texans Khruangbin, Leon Bridges now unveiled yet another backbreaking collaboration, this time with artist Kevin Kaarl for their new joined effort single "Summer Moon.”

‘Summer Moon’ takes it easy once again with a soft & gentle rocking rhythm that we’ve been hearing a lot from Leon Bridges in his latest releases. With Leon and Kevin both singing on the verses, it comes to be a nice romantic duet. Bridges hasn’t released a full album since 2021 and I cannot wait for a new full album in 2023!


Leon Bridges and Kevin Kaarl Single Cover

Image: Leon Bridges & Kevin Kaarl - Song Cover

José James & Moby - Ache For

If José James is still new to you, imagine a soul ‘love child' between Marvin Gaye and Billie Holiday with the jazz class by John Coltrane. These legends influenced New York-based jazz vocalist José James into the musician he is today. On ‘Ache For’ James is backed by another legend, Moby. Easily blending together, we can ask ourselves why this didn’t happen earlier in both their lengthy careers. Known for his innovative approach, James weaves together traditional and contemporary jazz, hip-hop and soul. On ‘Ache For’ he turns into a full crooner and floats on air by Moby’s almost interstellar cosmic track. Can we hear more from them please?

Adrian Quesada - Fireflies

If you know the Black Pumas you might know this comes from the same mad scientists’ brain. Jaguar Sound is the second solo album of 2022 from Adrian Quesada and with it the Black Pumas co-founder showcases another impressive side of his artistry with 12 mind boggling, cinematic instrumentals stirring between 60’s Lee Hazlewood, J Dilla and Kruanghbin. Quesada recorded this in his own Electric Deluxe Studio, and being a multi-instrumentalist he’s proved with Jaguar Sound that he is one of the most exciting new artists of our decade.


Adrian Quesada

Image: Adrian Quesada

Desure – Draw From My Memory

L.A. based singer –songwriter Josh Desure keeps popping back into my lists since he keeps on delivering precious 4-track mini albums almost yearly. I’m super fond of his songwriting and wordsmithing. His raspy voice and heart-on-your-tongue lyrics make him a true autobiographical singer songwriter.
Desure is back with the charismatic ‘Still Blue’, a genre-bending EP filled with heartfelt song writing, cinematic pop hooks, and plenty of atmospheric nostalgia.
Rolling Stone praised him for an ever-evolving sound that nods to the “anything-goes vibe” of his Los Angeles upbringing. No rules were set for the recording of ‘Still Blue’, whose five songs make room for 808 drum machines, vintage synthesizers, organic instruments, and the sharply-written 80’s AM-rock radio hooks that have always powered his music. The future of Rock & Roll? Damn sure.



Image: Desure

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