Porter Yoshida Kaban, est.1962, is an understated yet cult accessories label. Porter, produced exclusively in Japan, applies the highest standards to its designs and manufacturing. 

Traditionally, the types of fabric the Japanese used for their clothing and travel gear was a way of showcasing the social class they belonged to. In ancient Japan, one could distinguish a member from the working class by his cotton bag, while a wealthier person would parade their leather goods.

In the golden sixties, Yoshida Kaban had the brilliant idea of blending these very separate worlds by creating a new fabric all together: nylon. This durable material repels dirt and water and ages beautifully, just like leather, while looking timeless and feeling light, like cotton. This means the bags both stay in style and last a lifetime. 

Porter’s Tanker collection was based on the classic U.S. Air Force ‘Rescue Orange’ pilot bomber jacket. Stranded war pilots would wear their jackets, which had an orange lining, inside-out in case of emergency landings: this way they would be seen from high above.

Porter bags are technical and practical re-workings everyday of essential accessories. From the Waist Bag, built to ensure everyday essentials are right at your fingertips, to the Briefcase, suitable for commuting with a large notebook: Porter has got you covered.  

All Porter items feature a high-shine nylon shell, multiple zip pockets, adjustable straps and polyester cotton padding. All products come in a classic black or a bright sage green colour.

A durable, military-inspired accessory fuelled by Porter-Yoshida’s street-savvy expertise: which one will you pick? Shop the collection here!