Last week Our World published an interview with us titled ‘Quality will Prevail at Denim Specialist Tenue de Nîmes’. Our World is a Dutch platform that brings together sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. We really liked the outcome thus thought to share an abstract of the interview with you here today. We talked with the folks at Our World on how we seek to connect people to quality again. Because we believe there is life after high quantities and low prices: Let’s invest in great stuff only. "Buy Less, Pay More."

The relationship we have with our production channels in Japan, Italy and Portugal who craft our Tenue de Nîmes clothing is best described as having family abroad. They believe in our Tenue de Nîmes philosophy and want to invest in the future of an honest, high quality and long lasting Tenue de Nîmes product. That a product lasts long is important to Tenue de Nîmes. We are convinced the future of sustainable fashion is rooted in quality: Products that become more beautiful over time. Why buy new stuff on a weekly basis when this one pair of jeans is nothing but a second skin? Taking the time to invest in high quality clothing will turn out great, because the garments get more personal after some time. For the Dutchies among us there is a link to the interview (in Dutch) here. Photo by Lennert Antonissen.