TDN & Carhartt WIP at Chateau Karlito – Tenue de Nîmes

TDN & Carhartt WIP at Chateau Karlito

Fri, Jun 14, 24

We visited our friends at Chateau Karlito, Amsterdam’s only Jazz Kissa (Japanese: ジャズ喫茶). A shop for natural wine, freshly made coffee, Japanese sakes, and jazz appreciation in Amsterdam Noord. Together with Carhartt WIP, we dropped by this vibrant jazz joint to get some freshly poured sake. We present you Carhartt WIP for Wining & Dining! See more about our visit below and listen to a special jazz playlist curated by Chateau Karlito on Spotify.

Chateau Karlito is a place where a lot of things will surprise you. It is a wine shop, a coffee bar, a jazz kissa and a casual hangout for the neighborhood. You come in for a bottle of wine, sit down to listen to a jazz record, drink a coffee and forget about time. Inspired by the Japanese culture of jazz cafes, music and sound play a big role in their store. 

Karlijn (left) and Omar (right) standing in front of Chateau Karlito.

At only 30m2, the big Altec's accompanied by the McIntosh 275 amplifier create an audio set up that might be one of the best in town.

Besides just selling bottles of wine, the music is the glue of the store. It is a great way to share the record collection that has been built over the years. Once a month, they host a listening session. Sometimes it's an intimate silent album listening paired with wine, and other times it is a festive gathering to enjoy music, food, and wine with guest chefs and record collectors. Then the shop truly comes alive.

The goal of Chateau Karlito was to create a space where they would love to spend their time and see other people having a moment of enjoyment as well.


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