It’s almost time for the New York Denim Days and we are proud to show our Tenue de Nîmes jeans outside of the Netherlands for the first time! During the NYC Denim Days we proudly present our exclusive Tenue de Nîmes jeans made in our laboratories in Padova, Italy and Kojima, Japan. We are in good company this weekend! In New York, Tenue de Nîmes represents the city of Amsterdam together with 'Len the Man’ from Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) and our buddy Koen Tossijn.

We took some of our most beautiful denims with us on this adventure in the Big Apple, but American customs were quite surprised to see some of our oldest beaten up TdN jeans.

Take for instance those two epic denims from our buddy Alex, who already destroyed several TdN Pablo's and one Tapio 1968 during the last couple of years. In addition to Alex’ jeans we will also exhibit a preview to our 9 Year Anniversary jeans: A crazy double indigo jean that we are putting together in our Japanese factory as we speak! Nothing but excitement here. For those of you in the neighbourhood we hope to see you there!!