On our wild tour through the states of Colorado and New Mexico last October we had the pleasure to make a pit-stop at the VISVIM store in Santa Fe. During our trip all American clichés became reality: Massive cars, diner coffee and too much beautiful American nature to handle. It happened all. Our trip started on the border of Colorado and New Mexico where we did some serious vintage denim hunting. On your way from Albuquerque to Durango we took the 550 through Bloomfield and Aztec. In our humble Dutch opinion, one of the coolest rides we ever made. However, the minute we arrived in Durango our buddy Britt made clear it was the ugliest way to drive from Sante to Durango: "The only thing you see is sand and rocks."

It took us until the way back to Santa Fe we realized we indeed took the ‘wrong’ way. Not because the 550 is that bad, but really because the 64 and 84 takes you through two National Forrests and Navajo Reservations. The route is literally from another planet. The road took us approximately twice as long as we expected and it nearly made us miss what we came for: The VISVIM store in Santa Fe.

Upon our arrival in Santa Fe we ran into Jed Foutz, owner of the mind-blowing Ship Rock gallery and family trade post owner. Foutz was selling VISVIM in his gallery in Santa Fe for years before he helped Hiroki Nakamura and his team setting up Visvim’s first North American store in 2017. Mr. Foutz was so complaisant to open the doors of the store that was not officially open that day. Private VISVIM shopping in Sante Fe, sure why not?!

Our Colorado - New Mexico trip in a nutshell is the best way to introduce VISVIM to the Tenue de Nîmes brand roster. We are proud to be Japanese brand's exclusive stockist in Amsterdam. The first items just hit the stores and will soon be online.