Tenue de Nîmes Featuring 'Long John' Denim Blog

One of the most influential denim blogs - Long John - sat down with our head honcho Menno and talked about the past, present and future of our brand. Menno discusses the brands we carry in our stores, shares his vision on retail and explains his plans for our clothing line. As we celebrate our 10th birthday this year with ten collaborations, Menno also reveals some of our collaboration partners, so reading the whole article might be a good thing if you want to be the first to know. 

Check out the full article via this link and browse through a pre-selection of article below.

What are the core/most popular products at Tenue de Nîmes: 
Although fashion is pretty much addicted to change, we tend to sell a lot of core product from our suppliers. Many consumers, especially on the men, just like to come in every couple of months and do a re-stock of their wardrobe staples. A few examples are the Low Straight jeans from RRL, navy Vans Authentic OG sneakers and the Lhamo Shirt by Visvim. I am delighted to add here that Tenue de Nîmes also added a few customer favourites to the list: our heavy-weight cotton pocket t-shirt ‘John’ is a nothing but a hit this summer and two of our jeans that we sell every single day of the week are our Tenue de Nîmes ‘Pablo’ and ‘Tapio’ fit.

What’s the most popular denim brand and fit at Tenue de Nîmes: 
I am proud to say Tenue de Nîmes is our biggest denim brand at the store, both in numbers and in terms of revenue.The fit (a modern take on a classic slim-straight) beats all the others at the moment. But that doesn’t mean there is no other brand hitting home-run. If I would tell you how many A.P.C. Petit Standards we sold in the past years you would not believe it. But, although there is no better thing than having a single success in the collection, I still believe it is the success of the curation that eventually pays for all the bills. Especially in the times we live in you right now, I rather not depend on the success of a single product or brand. What happens if that ship sails?

What can we expect in the future of Tenue de Nîmes: 
I would be gratified if my team and I could help to help write the future of (Dutch) Denim like for instance Dutch denim giant G-Star did before us and continue this legacy with Tenue de Nîmes. The question that remains is: How do we do that? What do we add? And this might sound like a controversy, but it is my honest belief that we all need a lot less stuff to begin with. We should invest in those few killer pieces that we want to wear every single day of the year instead.Our (denim) fashion world is in desperate need of a paradigm change. Believe it or not but we live in a world in which 73% of the globally produced clothing ends up being land-fill, without being worn once. This makes me sick. Let Tenue de Nîmes and the other new kids on the block re-shape the world of denim. Learn from the past, take quality, study fabric and put denim back where it belongs: high quality, durable workwear. But before you get me wrong: I mean contemporary workwear. Why don’t we refer to it as ‘Silicon Valley workwear’. Something that suits the modern-day cowboys. The past is the past. Let’s make a difference, now.

You can read the full article by clicking this link.