This Tenue de Nîmes sweater is a tribute to the most beautiful sports sweater ever made: The 1980s Champion Reverse Weave. These jumpers were very common gear for America’s greatest university and college sports teams.  You often find them with the original team prints from school teams such as Yale, Duke or Wisconsin. The Tenue de Nîmes Champion Reverse Weaves are the original Champion garments from the 1980s and 1990s and they are all made in U.S.A. These collectors items are made from an astonishing 450 grams fabric that shows a lot of similarities with American denim fabric. The term 'Reverse Weave’ refers to the horizontal direction of the ‘felpa' fabric (normally the fabric lines are placed in vertical direction, following the body). 

The original sweaters were supposed to ‘shrink to fit’ just like old -school denim: People would buy them fairly large and by soaking them the garment would instantly ‘fit’ the body. We have a source in Los Angeles, CA that provides us with the original garments which are all hand-selected on quality and colour. The result is a unique range of original and colourful Made in USA garments that are all unique: Not a single jumper is the same! The Champion Tenue de Nîmes sweaters were often used in sports and therefor made in 2 sizes mainly: Large and Extra Large. We sometimes come a cross a M or a XXL but we mostly recommend L for girls, or XL for men as these Champion Reverse Weave sweaters are to be worn big! Enjoy! (Picture from TdN's Menno by Julian at NY Denim Days 2017)