The naked truth about the sustainability of denim – Tenue de Nîmes

For this collaboration, Nudie Jeans and Tenue de Nîmes wanted to share their production standards and set an example for what a truly great product is. Showing the world that jeans can be a sustainable garment. The result is an exclusive new straight fit option, which are crafted in one of the best denim factories in Italy using a high-quality 100% organic cotton Japanese selvedge fabric.

limited to 100 numbered pairs

Nudie Jeans has been pushing the envelope for sustainability in the fashion industry for the past 19 years. First of all, Nudie was one of the first denim companies to produce their jeans from 100% organic cotton. 20 odd years ago finding organic cotton was a huge hassle, but Nudie insisted on using it. Asides from that, Nudie also offers lifelong free repairs on all their jeans and discounts when returning an old worn-out pair. Despite this mindset, Nudie insists that they are in the business of making jeans, not the business of sustainability. To them, a company isn’t just a money-making machine. A company should be viewed as a person. Someone who takes responsibility for their actions and contributes to society. It’s for this reason that they have never been loud about this company ethos, it’s something that should come naturally.

Tenue de Nîmes finally found a brand that shares the same values and views as them in Nudie Jeans. Also offering lifelong free repairs on any of their Tenue. jeans and continuing the search for the most sustainable fabrics and methods of producing. Both companies feel sorry for the fact that jeans are always categorized as ‘unsustainable’. In their opinion jeans are the ‘bright blue future’ (in Nudies case with a touch of orange) of the fashion industry, one of the most sustainable garments one can buy. People have to face the fact that each garment leaves a footprint, so the best solution is to buy less but better. A pair of raw denim jeans can be worn for years on end, and on top of that, it will age beautifully. Also, jeans, especially raw denim ones, don’t have to be washed often and can be repaired and reused easily. This can’t be said for most garments in one’s closet!  The best example of this is Nudie Jeans’ eco cycle (Break-in, Repair, Re-use, Recycle) which is connected directly to the raw denim heritage. Let’s embrace the naked truth about the sustainability of denim!

The Gritty Jackson Dry Ace will exclusively be available at Tenue de Nîmes and is limited to 100 numbered pairs. As usual, each person who acquires a pair will have life-long repair guarantee at Tenue de Nîmes and all Nudie Jeans stores worldwide.

Online and in-store from September 2nd 2020!
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