The Importance of good products: OrSlow’s Ichiro – Tenue de Nîmes

With Tokyo as the epicentre of Japan's fashion industry, the countries' major denim hub is located in the area around Osaka and Okayama. Encapsuled between major cities Kobe and Osaka, OrSlow's studio is located in Nishinomiya, a small town famous for its colourful cherryblossom trees. With head honcho Ichiro Nakatsu, this studio is the place where the Japanese brand creates clothes since 2005.

OrSlow's design ethos is clear: produce quality clothing, without adhering to fashion rules, statements and trends. Taking inspiration from Nakatsu's personal archive, OrSlow always surprises us with another level of manufacturing. To honour this, Nakatsu developed a book, illustrated with photos and supported by text in English and Japanese. For OrSlow enthusiasts, this book is a must read: it adds context to the garments, provides interesting background stories and simply makes a gorgeous appearance on your book shelve or coffee table. You can purchase a copy here.