Vans x Tenue de Nîmes Indigo Authentic

We are proud to announce the next chapter of our Tenue de Nîmes 10 Year Anniversary celebrations with the release of our TDN x Vans Indigo Authentic OG sneaker in a limited edition of 200 pairs.

This limited-edition Tenue de Nîmes x Vans sneaker was designed by Tenue de Nîmes' Menno and his design team, in collaboration with the iconic American sneaker brand from California. We couldn't think of a more appropriate way to conclude this great first Tenue de Nîmes decade. We have been a fan of these iconic labels from the start. These 10 brands are, without exception, industry leaders, and they made our first TEN such a success. We are very proud to announce the release of this spectacular Vans x Tenue de Nîmes sneaker today. 

The shoe we selected for this collaboration are the Vans OG Authentic. This special Tenue de Nîmes version is made with indigo chambray. We chose this specific fabric because the sneakers will fade through wear, just like jeans do. The inspiration for this project comes from “Locals Only”, a book by Hugh Holland about the origins of skate culture in California. The cover photo is of a shirtless androgynous boy squatting on a skateboard in oversized blue jeans and Vans Authentics, cruising along the road. To us at Tenue de Nîmes there is no better metaphor for the love story between Vans and blue jeans.

The tongue of the Tenue de Nîmes x Vans Indigo Authentic features the Tenue de Nimes 'cross' and the outsole are marked with the symbol of Amsterdam, the three St Andrew's Crosses, as a tribute to our home-town. The insole shows a special illustration of a tiger based on a Hawaii shirt from our Tenue de Nîmes archives. Finally, the sneakers come with two pairs of laces: one white pair with the Tenue de Nîmes logo and a blue pair for those who prefer to wear their shoes in a cleaner style.

Our Vans x Tenue de Nîmes Indigo Authentic Sneakers are exclusively available at our Tenue de Nîmes stores in Amsterdam and from our webshop.