Tenue. Boston Birkenstock Bandana Custom – Tenue de Nîmes

The Birkenstock Bandana Custom is an ode to a vessel of expression - the red bandana. Amsterdam-based denim brand Tenue. is releasing a pair of highly limited customised Birkenstock Boston mules. For their latest exclusive Birkenstock Boston Bandana Custom, which are limited to 100 pairs, they have adorned the ever-iconic Boston clog’s strap with vintage, ‘made in the USA’ bandanas. As usual, they did the customisation in their hometown Amsterdam. The bandana is not only a practical and durable workwear staple, but it also holds a strong symbolic value. The bandana is a vessel for expression: its meaning and definition lie in the cause of the people who wear it. With this custom, Tenue. wants to show the cultural and personal meaning a garment can have, albeit a seemingly simple bandana. With this knowledge, the brand hopes that people will wear their clothing with more intent and, with that, have a deeper appreciation of them. The Boston Bandana by Tenue. will be limited to a 100 pairs, and available exclusively at tenuejeans.com and the Tenue de Nîmes store on July 30th 10AM CET for €160.

Tenue. Birkenstock Bandana Custom Clog