Red Wing X Indigofera Jeans – Tenue de Nîmes

From the great lakes of Minnesota to the valley of the lakes of Stockholm by Rudy Ross.

Tenue de Nîmes made sure we had a series of special releases booked for Fall '19 and one of them is the highly anticipated Red Wing x Indigofera Boot.

The release of the boot Red Wing designed in collaboration with Swedish denim giants Indigofera is planned on September 21th 2019. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Indigofera Jeans. After being friends with people working at Red Wing for a long time, Mats Arne, founder of Indigofera, sat down early 2018 and discussed some boot ideas he wanted to work on. They came up with a boot that hasn't seen the light of day for quite some time. The #4328 is inspired by the #919 Lineman Boot, which was first released in 1977, a period in time when 8-inch boots were a common style to the Red Wing collection. A special detail to this remarkable release is the green Vibram sole, originally used on Red Wing Lineman boots back in 1956, it makes it stand out from all other releases of the Red Wing brand.

Celebrating your 10 year anniversary as a brand can definitely be considered a milestone, if it comes to us. Tenue de Nîmes reached the 10 year mark last year and embarked on a streak of 10 special collaborative releases including the collaboration of a Native American inspired blanket together with Indigofera. But more on that later…

Though there’s more than a hundred years difference between Red Wing and Indigofera’s existence, both brands enjoy the same vision and style. Therefore the collaborative #4328 Climber Boot was a no-brainer and fits both companies profiles more than perfect.

“The Indigofera crew are big fans of tall Red Wing styles, such as as the Engineer, Logger and Pecos, so it was a natural decision deciding on the Climber Boot.” (Mats Arne)

As mentioned before the unique detail on the #4328 Climber Boot is the green Vibram sole, originally used on Red Wing Lineman boots back in 1956. It's not a 100% clear why the green colour was significant for the Lineman Boots. A theory goes round that it was an easily recognizable feature to know if the Vibram sole was compounded with the Electrical Hazard insulation between you and the ground. So if you happened to touch a live wire, you wouldn’t get shocked. It gave wearers confidence that the shoe you were wearing was guaranteed to be safe whilst working up high lines.

To celebrate the launch of this beautiful boot, Indigofera will be hosting a party that coincides with a festival, taking place in Stockholm on Saturday 21st September. You can expect live music, art, quality products, the brands closest friends and tasting of specialty beers. Next to collaboration boot we can expect a series of special releases to further celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary including a Gunpowder Black selvedge Fargo LTD jacket with colourful embroidery details, available soon at Tenue de Nîmes.

After last years succes of the 'YUMA' blanket co-designed by yours truly with Indigofera, which was sold out overnight, we made sure we were able to offer a 2nd limited run of the collaboration blanket. We used the identical pattern but played around with the color way and to be honest, we couldn't be more in love with this one. 

Keep an eye out for both Red Wing x Indigofera ‘Climber Boot’ and the Tenue de Nîmes x Indigofera 'YUMA II' blanket online at soon.