For more than 125 years the denim fabrics of Cone Denim were the unknown success behind many world famous denim brands such as Levi's. During the 20th Century a true denim revolution occurred and Cone Denim became a success because of truly inspiring entrepreneurship. In our opinion Cone is denim and denim is Cone. We at Tenue de Nîmes represent a new generation of denim evangelists that incorporated ’true' denim (and its heritage) into our 21st Century jeans line. The reason we felt like sharing this article here today, is because last month the (October 2017) we received some very bitter news. It was just before Kingpins Amsterdam that our friend Kara Nicholas (Marketing VP at CONE) sent us a message in which she said: "It’s a very sad time. The Cone White Oak plant is soon closing”.

It is hard for us to put our feelings into words, but the first feeling I had was that my church just lost its Vatican. The Cone White Oak plant is the very last running denim mill in the United States and hardly anyone in the denim business seems to realise what will happen to American denim, when these doors will be shut. But it is undoubtedly the end of an era. We at Tenue de Nîmes are extremely proud to be running the White Oak label in most of our TdN jeans. We are happy to continue to do so, for as long as possible. We will try and keep the soul of America’s most legendary denim mill alive in Amsterdam. Therefor we decided to publish our article from Journal de Nîmes Nº7 (2011) about the history of Cone Denim again today. We hope the White Oak plant will be preserved and will become a true blue pilgrimage.
For now we hope you enjoy reading about Cone Denim and you wil love your Tenue de Nîmes Cone Denim jeans even more, than you already did. White Oak forever!

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